First drawing Riley Rhythm

Riley  rhythm


Quentin Crisp Drawing – My starting point

I made this drawing at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on the 23rd December. It will serve as a benchmark for my starting point in this challenge.

Quentin Crisp Pencil Drawing



Although it obviously has a lot of imperfections I’m quite pleased how it came out for a first attempt.

For those who don’t know Quentin Crisp he was a very interesting character who became famous after his life was turned into a TV movie staring John Hurt called The Naked Civil Servant. If you can get hold of it to watch it’s thoroughly recommended. After the success of the program he moved to New York where he made most of his money giving talks on stage to anybody who showed up. Here’s a taste:


The Rules of the Challenge

The challenge is simple: post a drawing to this blog, every single day, for a year.

By January 1st 2014 this blog should have a minimum of three hundred and sixty five individual drawings!

It’s a pretty large commitment so I (Davy) have decided to give myself some leverage. I’m declaring my intention here publicly but in addition I will also be giving away £5 for every day I miss in the year. This will add up fast so I fully intend to just do 365 drawings and keep my cash. The money can be given away to charity, a favorite organisation or just an individual who I think is working on a worthwhile project (something on kickstarter for example). I am not allowed to give the money to anybody I know personally.

My friend (Snowy) is also doing this challenge with me. He too will be posting his pictures to this blog. It’s up to him if he wants to match my commitment or make a separate one or simply rely on his own will-power.

The rules are simple:

  • A drawing must be uploaded every day to between the dates of January 1st 2013 and December 31st 2013.
  • It is acceptable to do multiple drawings in one day and then schedule them on the blog to appear at daily intervals. This is the method which will put the lie to any excuses like “I have a wedding to go to, I can’t get a drawing up today.” There should be no excuse.
  • Each drawing must have at least 5 minutes of work put into it (preferably a lot more) to count towards checking off a day. This is to prevent participants just uploading a stick-figure and calling it commitment. Small quick drawings can be uploaded in addition to something else or a sheet of several quick drawings can count towards the daily quota. For example, if I were to practice drawing the nose several times from different angles that would be an acceptable day’s work. Uploading a single picture of a nose probably wouldn’t be.
  • Drawings will usually mean pencil work but other mediums are fine too. A painting, a watercolour or a piece of digital illustration are all acceptable.

Throughout the challenge any comments on the work are hugely appreciated. Especially if they include constructive criticism on ways to improve.

Wish us luck.