Day #001 – Russell Crowe Drawing

Day #1 of the drawing challenge begins! This is a pencil drawing of Russell Crowe referenced from the DVD of A Beautiful Mind.

Russell Crowe Pencil Drawing

Overall I’m pretty pleased with it although, obviously, there’s a ton wrong with it too. I think the eyes and mouth are most successful but there’s a lot wrong with the nose, chin and right side of the head. I’d say it doesn’t really look like Russell Crowe so if you see the reference the picture looks actually looks worse as the mistakes are much more obvious.

What I’m realising is that getting the first few key lines right makes everything else fall into place. Here I think I was spending too much time shading before the picture was even complete which basically locked me into mistakes because once you’ve put a lot of work into an area it’s much harder to just erase it all and place the lines slightly differently. Moving forward I’m going to try to practice ‘seeing’ the broad lines more accurately and only when the structure is right, put in the detail.

For those who haven’t seen A Beautiful Mind it’s a great film. Russell Crowe plays John Nash who is one of the fathers of Game Theory. I’m quite interested in the topic as it helps to make sense of decisions in poker–a major hobby of mine. Here’s a scene from the movie:

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