Day #003 – Alan Watts Pencil Drawing

Today I actually went to the trouble of Googling how pencil grades work. Apparently 2B is a medium pencil on the softer side. a 9B would be really hard. B comes after 2B (lighter) and is slightly heavier than HB which is heavier than H… well there’s probably more to it than that but it’s a start…

Today I copied a picture of Alan Watts who has long held a position on my ‘wall of legends’. I think it looks good in parts but, as expected, there is a ton wrong with it. The shape of the head… the nose… generally the proportions. I’m happy with the shading on parts of the hair but other parts look wrong. I tried to get the outlines right before I began shading this time which I think helped some but, to be honest, once I started shading I realised the outlines weren’t even close to accurate. No problem though… 362 pictures still to practice on!

Alan Watts Pencil Drawing

Oh, and his right pupil is clearly messed up!

If you haven’t listened to any of the thousands of Alan Watts clips on Youtube, then you’re missing out. Here’s a selection of clips animated by the South Park creators:

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