Day #004 – Arnold Schwarzenegger Pencil Drawing


Arnold Schwarzenegger Pencil Drawing

I posted my Russell Crowe drawing on Reddit to get some constructive criticism and this feedback was particularly helpful:

Avoid using lines to define an edge of a figure; if you do, it’s usually for the early (and light) sketch process, where eventually you’ll then add contrast with the side of the pencil.

Secondly, and this also tends to be a beginner mistake, is to additionally avoid using famous people: pop stars, movie stars, etc. This is usually because they’re usually shone in unnatural/vanity lighting and the details of the face get lost or do not have enough contrast. Instead, go use pictures of normal, everyday people. They tend to have more character, too.

Although I have used another celebrity reference (Arnie, from the DVD cover of Pumping Iron) I’ve chosen one where there is a lot of nice detail to work with and not too much harsh shadow. More importantly I’ve taken to heart the idea that nature doesn’t really do lines but rather contours. I’m trying to think of what looks like lines as just very thin areas of shade and leaving some areas without any lines at all. The eye fills in this stuff by itself and it ends up looking more natural. Already on this first, post-advice picture, I can see how it does look a lot nicer. In particular the areas around the lips, nose, forehead and main bicep. That negative space makes the shadows much more convincing as part of a three dimensional object.

Of course there are many weaknesses here too but for now I’m just happy to have learnt something new and put it into practice!

I’m not the only person who’s happy…

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