Day #005 – Figure Drawing Proportions

I was linked to these free books (in PDF format) by Andrew Loomis. It’s a goldmine!

I was reading through the beginning of Figure Drawing for all it’s Worth and over the next few days I’m going to work through page 26 and the ideal male proportions. I think by doing this I’m much more likely to actually ‘get’ and remember the various widths and proportions that make up the male form. Loomis explains how the ideal male figure is eight ‘head units’ tall. Start with the line where you want your figure to begin and then place another line where you want his feet to end. Place another line half way between these two and do this again until you have eight equal divisions. The top division is one ‘head unit’ and the others will serve as the guides to accurately draw in the rest of the anatomy. He suggests not worrying about how accurate your anatomy looks at this stage but rather ‘lock in’ the proportions in your mind.

Male Figure Proportions

Important observations (mostly pointed out in the book)

  • The width of the male male form should be around 2 1/3 head units wide
  • The nipples should be two head units down and one head unit wide
  • The belly button should fall at the third head unit
  • The crotch at the fourth
  • The wrists should fall just below the crotch
  • The knees should end where the sixth head-unit begins.
  • The waist should be slightly wider than one head-unit (or slightly wider than the nipples)

Tomorrow I’ll be drawing the side view and finally the back.

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