Day #008 – Drawing the head

Discovered an excellent Youtube channel called ProkoTV. I’ll be working through his brilliantly-put-together series on drawing the head over the next few days. It’s based on principles that Andrew Loomis apparently goes into so should be a nice combination to use these videos with reference to the PDF books if needed. I prefer learning by video most of the time so glad to have found these.

Did two pages of sketches here basically following along with his first two videos. You can view the playlist here if you’d like to have a go too!

So far it definitely hasn’t ‘clicked’ but at the same time I can feel myself getting a better awareness of how it all fits together. I expect I’ll refer to these videos a lot in the future and maybe go back over them several times until it’s solidly ingrained in the upper third of my ‘head unit’.

Drawing the head


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