Day #010 – Drawing the Head from Extreme Angles

In the last part of the ProkoTV series on drawing the head he covers extreme angles. I’ve followed along with some of the examples he draws along the way and these, I think, are fairly accurate. When I tried to do some on my own, following the rules, they didn’t turn out so well. I think this is understandable as I haven’t ‘locked in’ the angles from the more common views of the head and before I do that I think extreme angles are going to confuse me more and more things can go wrong.

If I pictured an optimal study strategy I would think it would go something like this.

Step 1: Draw the head a bunch of times from the front and the side until you feel confident doing this.

Step 2: Start drawing the head at 10% deviations from these profile and portrait positions so the angles are slight. Do lots of these at various slight angles. Looking up 5% looking to the right 10% looking down and to the left 7% etc. Just do lots until you’re comfortable.

Step 3: Start moving into more extreme 20% type angles.

Step 4: Finally practice the really extreme angles. Because you’ll have a strong intuitive feel for the rules you’ll be better able to break the rules in these situations where the face stops conforming to the guidelines you’re used to.

Writing that out was mostly for my own benefit and now that I have I’m going to write my own review and say “Good advice Davy”… you never know, maybe I’ll actually take it!

Depending on how I feel tomorrow I might start on a bunch of heads at step 1. We’ll see.

Here is my sketchbook for today then. The final head is supposed to be Stan Prokopenko… I just paused the video and tried to copy him using the methods he’s talking about. Didn’t come out great to be honest.

Drawing the Head From Extreme Angles

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