Day #011 – Karl Pilkington Drawing

Today I’ve attempted to draw one of my all time favorite people: Karl Pilkington.

Karl Pilkington Pencil Drawing


I’ve copied it from this reference.

I started out by getting the proportions using the system I’ve been practicing over the last few days and the I’ve tried to render the features as best I can.

I think it’s my best portrait that I’ve done this year so far. The mistakes are plenty but they are smaller than in previous attempts. Issues that jump out at me specifically are:

  1. The head is too wide on the left.
  2. The angle of the eyes is off.
  3. The Jaw is a little too square.
  4. The nose could be better!

What I’m pleased with is the mouth, the right eye, the hair and the general proportions of the whole head. I don’t think it looks too ridiculous which for me is progress!

If you haven’t caught up on monkey news before, educate yourself:

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