Day #012 – My Sister!

Today I attempted another portrait. I decided not to draw a celebrity and go with somebody I know… my sister!

Unfortunately I haven’t really done her justice. Sorry sis.

My Sister


The problem is I’ve made her look older than she is. Looking at it now and trying to identify why I think it is:

  1. The nose is off. The line below the nostril is curving up on my sketch but that isn’t how it actually looks, it’s flat in the reference photo. By making it look slightly hooked it is unflattering (sorry again sis!) and ageing.
  2. Too many rushed ‘snatchy’ lines. I should be more careful with each line I make and place them deliberately. When I start picking at the shading it looks less delicate and less delicate = less youthful!
  3. The photo I used as a reference didn’t have the full hair at the top and because of that I think I’ve not go the proportions correct here which makes it look a bit off. This is a bit stupid as I should really know what my sister looks like! It just goes to show that even the things you see the most you don’t really see if you don’t look. Kinda like how the old saying “I know it like the back of my hand” is bullshit. Almost nobody could accurately draw the back of their hand from memory, even though it’s been in their vision a large percentage of their waking life!

Despite these misgivings I think there are parts I like about the picture. I think I rendered the eyes and mouth pretty well and my proportions generally aren’t too bad.

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