Day #014 – How to draw the eyes continued

Today I worked through the second part in this video series.  Felt a little hurried today. Wasn’t really feeling it. Didn’t let that stop me putting in the page though so glad I got something done.

Day fourteen and we’re two weeks down. Feeling positive about the challenge so far and enjoying learning more about things I’ve taken for granted my whole life… like how shadows fall… or how the body is constructed!

Here’s my sketchbook for the 14th January:

Drawing the eyes

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2 Responses to “Day #014 – How to draw the eyes continued”

  1. Snowy says:

    Have you noticed how you start to look at people and things differently now? Everytime I’m looking at person I’m thinking how I draw in the shadows the lines of their face kind of Nice!

    • Davy says:

      Haha, totally. Was just watching Kitchen Nightmares and kept looking at the eyelids of the restaraunt owner and how relate unusually to the eyebrow compared to standard proportions. It’s really interesting. It’s like I’m seeing bits of the world with brand new eyes.

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