Day #015 – Guide to Direct Light

I am am devouring the content of Stan Prokopenko… his videos, guides and blog posts are really, really great.

Today I basically copied the shapes from his article on direct light along with notes explaining the concepts.

In the bottom right I finished off with my own attempt at drawing something with direct light in mind. I setup a lamp in my room and shone it at one of my juggling balls (another 2013 challenge I’ve set myself is to juggle 5 balls for 30 seconds or more with consistency) and closed the curtains. Even with this simple round shape it’s really hard to accurately represent it as a solid three dimensional form. Even so, I definitely felt that keeping the concepts of the 5 elements of the form–highlight, half-tone, core shadow, reflected light and cast shadow–in mind as I was working made things feel like they made sense. It felt like even though my technique was severely lacking what I was doing and seeing had a logic behind them. It felt quite encouraging.

Here’s the sketchbook page:

guide to direct light

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