Day #016 – Old Man Pencil Drawing

Today I took another shot at a portrait. I got the reference by typing “old man” into Google Images.

It’s easily the picture I’m most pleased with so far. I think I did a decent job with the proportions and I’m pleased with a lot of the shading work. I’ve taken on board what people have been telling me about not drawing ‘lines’ and rather working with shades and gradiations to make things more realistic.

There are points for improvement of course. I could have spent longer with the hair (and head) at top and made it better and generally there are parts which I spent longer on than others so the level of detail is uneven. I also ‘picked’ at some of the shading which ends up not looking as good as when you take your time patiently to get an even tone.

But, most importantly, it does feel like progress so I’m pleased with today’s output.

Old Man Pencil Drawing

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