Day #020 – Drawing My Hand

Day twenty and I thought I’d take a break from Fun With A Pencil (I’ll continue tomorrow) and draw something from real life. Taking to heart the earlier suggestions to draw from life I decided to do a self-anatomy drawing of my hand. This was a bit more awkward than I thought because I hard to rub out with my free hand but couldn’t stabilize the sketchbook with the other in fear I might lose the position. Overall I am beginning to understand already why this is more helpful than drawing from a photograph. Basically when you’re adding detail you can easily see why a line moves as it does. you can move your eye and see that the knuckle curves around, that  a certain line dips down because it is concave as it wraps the skin, and so on. Although the picture isn’t particularly good I am happy with the proportions of parts of it. The shading could have been a lot better but again, I found it hard to work on the details without being able to use my free hand to hold my pad. I hope that in time I can do stuff like this with a much more sensitive eye and more confident but gentle lines. As ever, I’m sure I will get out of this exactly as much as I put in. Practice, practice, practice!

A drawing in pencil of my hand

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