Day #021 – Fun with a pencil part IV

Observing further discussion  on the topic of drawing from real life rather than photographs I was struck by the following quote from a user:

Also, when your reference is 3D your product ends up having… I can’t think of the word for it, maybe form? The piece that you make has better form than one made from looking at a photo because your eye is able to capture what the photo failed to. [emphasis mine]

What I like about this is the idea that by drawing something you’ve seen you can show somebody else something that, in some way at least, could be an even more realistic representation than a photograph is capable of. We’ve all had the times when we were on holiday and saw something beautiful only for the photograph to flatten the image and make what was impressive merely ordinary… well with a great drawing you can bring that 3D object home with you in your sketchbook… at least if you were skilled enough, perhaps.

Today I went through more of Fun with a Pencil. The forth day so far. I tried shading a couple of the heads as I thought they might look with a random light source but, of course, that didn’t end up looking so great. The more knowledge of anatomy and light the better able you become to guess at things like this, I am certain.

Fun with a pencil day 4

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