Day #022 – Vitamin D Bottle Pencil Drawing

I’m finding myself taking a one day one day off approach to following along with books and just drawing whatever I feel like on the day. I think this is a good mix because it gives me a chance to attempt to put into practice any tips or advice I’ve heard but without anybody (a book, or some instructions) looking over my metaphorical shoulder. This means I have to pay more attention to seeing which is always very useful.

So today I tried to draw my Vitamin D bottle which was much harder than I thought it would be. I’m not very happy with it overall but parts of the drawing I think came out okay. I think I rendered the top left portion of the bottle quite accurately (not including the lid) and I think the shading is, in a few places, not too bad. I’m also kinda happy with the reflection in the shadow (bottle drawn against a shiny table). I mean it’s clearly not great but I like that I actually noticed there was a reflection and attempted to include it. When I’m working in my comfort zone I would have probably just done a single shadow but here I actually tried to go the extra step.

Vitamin D Bottle drawn in pencil


A couple of quotes I’ve noted down over the last few days. The first is apparently by Cezanne but I can’t find it on Google so may be in accurate. Either way, it’s the sentiment that matters:

All forms in nature are based upon geometric shapes. Draw these simple shapes and we will bea ble to draw or paint what we wish since simple geometric shapes underlie all objects.”

And the following, by Jose Parramon excited me because I read it in the context of an article arguing that drawing was at the foundation of all the arts. Want to be a master sculptor? Start drawing first. Is your dream to create incredible oil paintings? Get good at drawing first. Do you want to learn caricature? First step, you guessed it, learn drawing! I’m excited because ultimately I would love to create full colour paintings that could be hung on the wall or even sold and I’m glad to hear confirmed what I guess I probably knew deep down… that it all begins with the pencil!

Drawing is the mother and the father of all arts.

Incidentally, if anybody is interested, I’ve been taking additional Vitamin D supplementation after I watched a pretty compelling lecture on the topic. Since then I seen its benefits mentioned all over the place. Especially from several authors who I trust a fair amount. The brand I’m taking which I drew today can be got here but there are much cheaper sources available if you wanna skimp or you’re not a vegetarian. Here’s the lecture:

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