Day #023 – Fun with a Pencil Part V

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain arrived today. It was recommended to me three times in a row by three different people who didn’t know each other. If I were in a cosmic mood I’d say the universe wants me to read this book. On a more practical level the amazon reviews were excellent and the recommendations on their own are reason enough! Looking through it and reading the introduction I’m already excited by it. This quote, from the first few pages, gives me more inspiration to keep pushing forward:

“This experience [learning to draw for the first time without the brain’s filters telling you what somethingought to look like] is often moving and deeply affecting. My students most frequent comments after learning to draw are “Life seems so much richer now.” and “I didn’t realize how much there is to see and how beautiful things are.” This new way of seeing may alone be reason enough to learn to draw.

Decided to carry on with another page of faces from Fun with a Pencil (Free PDF Download) today. How many times I was messing up these simple faces (remember, I’m copying these step by step!) was quite humbling. I have a lot to learn. Sometimes I have to fight the urge to go into ‘autopilot’ because when that happens is when I stop seeing things as they are and instead start snatching at lines and making shapes based on nothing but vague guesswork. As ever, I get out what I put in!

Day 5 of my workings from Andrew Loomis' book Fun with a pencil

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