Day #024 – Pencil Sharpener Drawing

I read the first chapter of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain today and so far it’s excellent. Well written, interesting and with lots of great quotes in the margins. Like:

I have learned that what I have not drawn, I have never really seen, and that when I start drawing an ordinary thing, I realize how extraordinary it is. – Frederick Franck

Or this quote from one of her students:

I don’t think I ever actually looked at anyone’s face before I started drawing. Now, the oddest thing is that everyone looks beautiful to me.

Inspiring stuff.

Today I drew my pencil sharpener as an experiment in ‘scaling up’. The drawing is probably about 5x larger than the object and by doing this I was able to attempt some finer detail than if I drew to scale. I like how parts of it turned out: the screw, some of the blade and most of the opening where the pencil goes in. I also used these “Paper Tortillions” on my shading for the first time and got results which I liked. They are used to ‘blend in’ the shading. You can use cotton-buds or your fingers to do this but these are better to work with, in my opinion. After I was done the drawing definitely had a more finished and professional feel than before I used them. Not to say it looks at all professional now, only that it looks more so than before I evened the shading.

The biggest problems I think are with the perspective a little and some scratchy parts I rushed in and then found hard to get rid of with the eraser without ruining whole chunks of the image and having to start that section all over again. Also, even at the magnified scale, I found it hard to control the pencil accurately enough to capture the tiny specks of highlight which would have given the image a certain life. I think I need a special rubber with a very fine point… I don’t know yet if these exist but I’m sure they must do. The one I have at the moment rubs out well but is a bit burdensome in small areas.

Drawing of a Pencil Sharpener in Pencil

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