Day #025 – Self Portrait Pencil Drawing

So I’m going to work through everything in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards and it suggests making three ‘preliminary drawings’ before you begin in order that you can look back at the end and see your progress. These might be a little redundant for me as I have this blog already started to look back at my progress but I figured it can’t hurt to do the exercises she suggests which are:

  • A self-portrait
  • A person, drawn from memory
  • “My Hand”

Today I completed the first item on the list, a self-portrait. I tried not to take too long on it and thanks to that I believe I have managed to age myself by about a decade! Go me! This photo doesn’t really do me justice, you can check out this photo reference for a better idea of how I actually look. The drawing isn’t great to be honest, I think the left eye and left ear turned out reasonable. Everything else looks noticeably wrong!

Tomorrow I will probably do the other two exercises and take about half an hour on each. Readers following this blog will know I already drew my hand a few days back but doing it again can’t be a bad idea. I’ll probably work more on the form than the shading and just try to make it as accurate a replica as I can manage of the essential outline.

Self Portrait

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  1. Snowy says:

    I like the other pic of you. You have done it again and stolen my next go to book!

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