Day #027 – A Face, Drawn from Memory + more Fun with a Pencil

So the final sketch of the 3 ‘preliminary drawings’ set by Betty Edwards in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain was completed today. The theme? “A person, drawn from memory.”

Wow! I have zero memory or imagination for anything I have seen ever. It was quite astounding. I wracked my brains for ideas of who I could try to draw. Even family members were not at all clear in my mind. Before even starting I knew I would find it all but impossible to create something even I could recognise as one of my own family. That’s quite shocking. That I know so little about the intricate details of the faces who raised me and grew up with me.

I suspect that this drawing was suggested by the book for the reason that many people react the same way I did. If learning to see in the way artists see coupled with constant practice could lead to my imagination seeing my loved ones in more detail than ‘I think they have curly hair, eyes and a general face of some kind’ then that would be a brilliant result. Until trying this exercise I had not realized how awful my memory of the details really was… in a way it has disgusted me! I believe that if I could get to a place where I was ever able to even recall a face from memory and draw it in a reasonable manner, well I would feel like I had superpowers!

In the end I picked somebody relatively famous who I thought had a face I could recall and I drew him. I won’t say who it is because the picture looks nothing like him and I’m embarrassed! It’s also clear that without a reference I don’t have the proportions of the head down very well yet. Some of it is just sloppy like the different gaps between right and left ears and their respective eyes or the weird shape of the lower skull.

After finishing the drawing I felt like I should do some more work so I did another page of cartoons following along with the Andrew Loomis book Fun with a Pencil. Both pages follow:

A face, drawn from memory

Fun with a pencil part 6

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