Day #028 – Playing Cards Drawing

I was going to continue with Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain but there is a lot of preliminary theory before getting to any exercises so I read quite a bit of that and then decided to draw another object from life. I chose some playing cards which I think came out okay in parts. I tried to use the advice I’d received on perspective while doing it. I think the box came out reasonably well but I messed up some of the playing cards. Most notably some in the foreground are smaller than those just popping out of the box which obviously makes no sense. Still, I feel like I’m controlling the pencil a little more accurately even if my ‘eye’ isn’t always picking up mistakes in time.

Here’s a nice quote from the book:

Thus, paradoxically, the more clearly you can perceive and draw what you see in the external world, the more clearly the viewer can see you, and the more you can know about yourself. Drawing becomes a metaphor for the artist.

Or, in other words, your style (personality) is always coming through in your drawings but it will come through more the more accurately you can perceive the world. When we look at a Van Gogh painting we get transported, in a way, into his mind and see the world through his eyes, even though his physical body has long since decayed! The better we can draw the more our drawings can allow others to experience the world through our unique eyes.

Here’s the playing cards picture [larger version].

Drawing of some playing cards


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