Day #029 – Drawing of the Brain – Black Marker on Cardboard

I was reading more of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and it’s a fascinating book. She goes into some of the science between the left and right brain dichotomy. She explains how the right hand is controlled by the left side of the brain which controls language. Because of this, across cultures, the word ‘right’ is usually associated with positive qualities and the word ‘left’ with negative ones. For example ‘Left’ is apparently Latin for ‘Sinister’. She gave a lot more examples but finished with a really interesting point: all of these noticeable anti left (controlled by the right side of the brain, remember) quirks of language were all created by the left side of the brain which deals with language. The right side of the brain was left powerless to defend itself! She talks about the idea that both sides of the brain have their own interpretation of reality and references some interesting science experiments which back this up. They studied severe epileptics who’d had their Corpus Callosum (“a thick nerve cable composed of millions of fibers that cross-connect the two cerebral hemispheres”) removed in surgery. You can read more about it here.

After laying the groundwork this was one of the main takeaways for me:

As a result of these extraordinary findings over the past fifteen years, we now know that despite our normal feeling that we are one person–a single being–our brains are double  each half with its own way of knowing, its own way of perceiving external reality. In a manner of speaking,k each of us has two minds, two consciousnesses, mediated and integrated by the connecting cable of nerve fibers between the hemispheres. – Betty Edwards

For my drawing today I tried something a bit different. Inspired by the discussion of brains I wanted to draw (from a reference picture in the book) one for myself but today I decided to sketch onto a piece of cardboard and then work over it with a black marker. I think the final result has a nice graphic quality to it.

Picture of the brain drawn with black marker on cardboard

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