Day #030 – Fun with a Pencil Part VII

Today I did another page of drawings from Fun with a Pencil. Although I think I’m getting better at copying things (which I guess is good because it means I’m seeing a bit better) I don’t like how off my intuitive guesses are when I draw the initial circles (for the head) and then attach shapes (for nose, ear and chin usually). What often happens is they are way out and I end up having to go back and just look really carefully at where Andrew Loomis has drawn them. What would be cool if I just had a ‘feel’ for where they go. I hope that if I continue that will come but it might be that I need to do work away from the book just practicing creating my own heads over and over.

Usually, in life, whatever is the more difficult option is the one that offers the highest rewards… also, in life, humans (or me at least) have a massive tendency to want the magic pill, the short-cut, the “lose a stone in 7 days” diet…

Anyway, here’s the page. Tomorrow the first exercises in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain begin!

The seventh day of drawing along with Andrew Loomis's book Fun with a Pencil

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