Constructing the human form.

Okay so that’s the first month down feeling pretty pleased with my progress. Some updates on what’s going to be happening for the next month or so. Firstly I’m going to start teaching myself how to construct the human figure from memory. Unfortunately what that means for the would-be reviewer of my drawing is that it may appear to be very boring. As I will be constructing it from the beginning to the very end. That said if you’re looking to do the same thing and get good at drawing the human figure then you will see how I’m going about it step by step. Secondly, you will have noticed in the last month I think based on the quality of the work that I was happiest drawing portraits. So once a week I will continue doing the occasional portrait just so as I can keep myself happy while I’m learning what I need to learn. Finally, I Wanna take this opportunity to thank Davy for keeping us both honest and on it. Hey buddy one month down get in!



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  1. Davy says:

    Congratulations man! Nice figures. Here’s to another successful month in February!

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