Day #059 – Tom Woods Drawing

Thought I’d tackle another portrait today. I was going to continue reading from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain but I’d drank too much coffee and my mind was wandering too much to concentrate. Drawing, on the other hand, focused it completely. I am coming to realize what a powerful method of meditation it can actually be!

The drawing is of the Austrian Economist and best-selling author Tom Woods. I’m a huge fan of his speeches on Youtube and if you’re at all interested in politics or economics you can’t help but find what he has to say interesting, even if you don’t always agree (full disclosure: I pretty much always do!).

I’m not very happy with the drawing. Looking at the reference we can see that I have got the general angle of the whole thingg kind of off and several parts just don’t resemble the original picture at all. I’m still having trouble with smooth shading transitions and getting a nice full range of contrast between black and white. On the positive I guess it’s recognizable as Tom Woods if you happen to be one of the 13 people in the UK who actually takes an interest in Austrian Economics!

Tom Woods Pencil Drawing

Here’s one of my favourite of his speeches:


Day #058 – Drawing of Silver Tree on Black Paper

Sent my dad a card today and decided to put some effort in and actually draw something on the front. It’s a tree drawn with this silver metallic pen I have which works well on the black card.

I think it looks okay. Some of the branches are kinda crappy looking but where I took my time it looks kinda cool. I think the potential is there for a decent illustration if I tried again a few times without rushing.

Drawing of a tree in silver metallic pen on black card



Okay so at this point I should tell you what I have been up to. First, I fixed the eye on the last sketch portrait. This above all else makes me happy. I am at present working on the construction of the spine, This is giving me an awful lot of learning and not a great deal of drawing at the moment I hope to rectify this once the knowledge is solidified in my head. So for now watch this space.


Day #057 – Gesture Drawings Attempt 5

It’s Tuesday and so, as is my month old tradition, I did a series of gesture drawings.

A user called Jingle Bells commented on my last entry suggesting I use the tool at Pixelovely rather than Pose Maniacs because they feed you photographs of actual people rather than 3D models.

It was definitely a slightly different experience. The photographs they feed you at that site often have the subjected interacting with some other object. Typically fabric of some kind but a few were interacting with furniture and a couple were fully clothed. I can see how this is helpful in that you’re drawing from actual life and recognizing how actual humans look. At the same time I like the way the 3D models at Pose Maniacs are all int he same size and format which means you can easily get in a very tight rhythm of drawing. On balance, however, I think this new site will aid my progress m0re so I imagine I will be using it more often from here on out.

So here are the results of my 5th session of gesture drawings. As usual I set it to 60 seconds per pose.

Session 5 in my regular gesture drawings practice


Day #056 – Potted Plant Drawing

After my fake flowers on Saturday I thought I’d tackle a real plant today. I tried to work hard to get the general outlines in place before I put in the details because I think not doing that was one of my main mistakes in the previous drawing. Overall I think the proportions here are pretty accurate so I’m happy about that but I think the shading lets it down somewhat and it appears kind of flat. One of the problems I have is that some of the center buds are red and the rest were green but the tone of both are similar so when I try to add greyscale  shading they kind of merge together. I wasn’t sure if I should just draw what was in front of me as best  I can or take some artistic license to create the kind of obvious contrast you’d be able to see if it was a colour drawing. In the end I chose the former and I think the result is a sort of technically okay drawing without much character or soul.

Then again… maybe ‘soul’ is a ridiculously lofty ambition for an amateur on only day fifty-six of a drawing challenge so I’ll say that I think this was some solid practice and I’m happy with the accuracy.

Pencil Drawing of a Potted Plant