Day #032 – Drawing Davinci’s Skull Upside Down

Attempted another drawing with an upside down reference. This time I went for one of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous skull studies, flipped it upside down on my monitor and copied it from there. The result is okay in parts but when I turned it over it was immediately obvious that it is squashed somewhat which I actually think would have been easier to spot if I was drawing the right way up. Then again I may have messed up other features even more if I’d done it that way. The brain is extremely good at recognizing how faces should look so if you are able to draw what’s actually there and switch off your mind then correcting errors would be a lot easier right way up. I’ll do one more upside down drawing tomorrow and then move on with more of the book.

I’ve also discovered an absolutely awesome resource. Ctrl+Paint is a site run by Matt Kohr and although it says it’s “digital paint simplified” there are absolutely tons of great videos which are completely applicable to regular drawing. I haven’t had a chance to go over it too far yet but from what I can tell there are actually hundreds of videos available and they are all really well made (from what I’ve seen.) Go check it out!

Here’s my skull presented the right way up although it was drawn upside down and only looked at the right way up when it was finished.

Drawing of one of Leonardo da Vinci's skull studies. Copied from an upside down reference.

This is the reference used:


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