Day #033 – Handshake Drawn From Upside Down reference

This is my third drawing created from an ‘upside down reference’ as recommended in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The author, Betty Edwards, suggested doing two or three of these before moving on, so now I’ve done that I will continue with the book tomorrow (which is brilliant so far, by the way).

I went with an image of a handshake because I remember finding these extremely hard to copy when I used to draw sometimes as a child. Upside down, a handshake doesn’t exactly look unrecognisable but either way, I’m quite pleased with the result; I think certain parts have come out really well. Other parts, as is always the case, come across less well but I do feel like I’m making some progress which is all I want!

Presented the correct way up, but I didn’t see it this way until it was completely finished.

A pencil drawing of a handshake copied from an upside down reference

[Larger Version]

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