Day #038 – Strawberry Drawing in Pencil

Instead of doing the exercise from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain like I planned I began this strawberry drawing which ended up taking way longer than I thought. Probably spent at least 90 minutes on it. Word of wisdom for people drawing fruit: strawberries take way longer than apples! You heard it here first, folks!

I found it very difficult to draw accurately. The balance of light and shadow on every single seed was super hard to capture and, to be honest, I became impatient and rushed most of it. I’m kinda happy with the general form but I don’t think the actual drawing looks very good. Still, I put in some solid time doing it so I feel I paid my dues for the day. I’ll do the exercise from the book tomorrow. Or I might draw a raspberry! Tune in in 24 hours for the thrilling answer…

Drawing of a Strawberry in pencil


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