Day #041 – Watching TV in Pencil

Had a long day today so thought I’d draw something while sitting on sofa with girlfriend watching TV. Using my infinite power of imagination I decided to just copy what was right in front of me as best I could. To the right of the picture is supposed to be my legs if it’s not obvious.

Overall I’m happy with the proportions of things. Plenty of things are a bit off in this regard but nothing is disgustingly out of perspective or proportion.

Lots of individual items aren’t rendered that great. In particular the TV is wonky and would have looked a lot better if I’d taken more time to get really straight lines or use a ruler but the point of this drawing was that I was trying to lounge about and the ruler was upstairs… or at least that’s the excuse I’m going with right now. I wasn’t able to draw the specific content of what was on TV either (for some reason, it kept moving!?) but I wrote some placeholder text which I think reflects the combined output of this box pretty accurately.

I like how a few of the subtle reflections came out. The lamp on the right is pretty good and a few of the folds in the trouser legs aren’t bad. Most of the other stuff is either poor or ‘meh’ but as a whole I’m okay with the drawing. It’s only day #41… 324 still to go! WHEEEEEEEE

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