Day #042 – Stereo and Cup Pencil Drawing

Learnt a key concept today while reading more of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain called The Basic Unit. When you’re first trying to copy a scene and you’re not sure where to start The Basic  Unit is your friend. Basically you find a medium sized object or edge in a scene and you measure it out accurately. You then use this object as a reference when drawing all the additional elements of a scene in correct proportion.

So my drawing for today was a cup on my desk with one side of a stereo as the backdrop. The basic unit I used was the width of the top oval of the cup. From there I could estimate other widths using an outstretched arm and my pencil. For example, the darker circle within the left speaker is roughly the same width as that basic unit. The vertical length of the entire cup is about 1.5x the basic unit. Keeping this in mind generally as you position elements can definitely help to put things in the right place. The book also talks about making sure you get your first basic unit the right size so that your planned composition fits your format (the artists word for piece of paper, canvas, etc and its corresponding dimensions) correctly. You don’t want it too big so that your scene doesn’t fit your paper or too small so that you end up including extra details you didn’t want to capture in order to fill the plane.

The actual picture is a bit flat. Not much contrast going on. The top of the stereo looks wrong. Apart from that the general objects look roughly as I wanted them to look so I’m reasonably happy.

Tomorrow I’m going to do another exercise from the book. Stay tuned!

Drawing of a cup and a stereo

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