Day #043 – Coffee Cup and more Gesture Drawings

Met my Dad for a couple of hours today for a coffee. Hadn’t seen him for a while so that was nice. He told me he’d been working on a wood sculpture of his truck. He’s never done any wood sculpture as long as I’ve known him so I was really impressed. He’s in his seventies so to hear him trying new things out like that is very encouraging for me. My goal is to be trying new things and continuing to learn until the day I die! He said that while he worked on it all sense of time was lost and he fell into a meditative state where his sleep pattern became unusual and yet he was very calm and relaxed. It sounds very much like the same shift in consciousness Betty Edwards has been talking about in Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain which she calls “R-Mode” seeing or viewing the world with the right side of your brain. I found it quite cosmic that we’d both been experiencing this mental shift in different mediums at the same time without the other knowing of the projects we’d been working on. Sometimes I feel very in control of my life. Then I catch up with one of my parents and start thinking it might all be deterministic after all!

While I was talking with my dad I sketched this quick drawing in pen in my notepad. I love the look of ink on paper and in the future when my technique improves I’m looking forward to a time where I can confidently ink my finished pencil drawings to create truly complete illustrations!

A cup of coffee drawn in pen


When I got home I did my Gesture Drawings. I’m going to schedule these in for each Monday, although I may also do additional sessions in-between if the mood takes me.

I felt like I was getting into a flow and my lines were definitely improving. A couple of the gestures I was particularly happy with.

As usual I did 60 seconds per pose and used this awesome website to automatically present them to me in a slideshow.

Oh, and check out these videos over at Ctrl+Paint if you’re interested in Gesture Drawing. They were really helpful to me.

More gesture drawings from Pose Maniacs

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