Day #046 – Drawing some baby feet

I wanted to draw some feet so I searched Google images and went with these baby ones because I’m a busy dude and it’s less total surface area to draw… kidding of course, nah they just looked cuter than smelly adult feet!

I didn’t have too much time to work on this one and I’m not very happy with it. I mean I think it just about looks like feet but most of the toes are slightly wrong and because I’m not comfortable with using the lighter colours on the value scale for areas like skin there ends up being no contrast between the white blanket below the feet and the feet themselves which means it kind of looks like random lines. If I were to be kind to myself I’d say this is my first ever effort at toes so I’m sure I’ll improve with practice.

I was watching youtube videos on cross-hatching today and one of the tips that jumped out to me was that to achieve darker shades when drawing you shouldn’t push your pencil harder into the paper but instead apply more and more layers until you build up the darkness. Firstly, if you push hard to achieve a darker effect you often cannot erase what you’ve done because you’ll have left a permanent mark in the paper; the graphite will rub off but the indent will remain. Gently apply multiple layers, however, and you can cleanly erase even dark areas. The other reason is that if you push hard the graphite can get compressed which sometimes leaves the dark area looking very shiny and unnatural. You can see a good example of this unintentional effect on my Quentin Crisp drawing which was the first piece I began this whole blog with!

Anyway, here’s the daily drawing:

A pencil drawing of some tiny baby feet


And if anybody is interested, here is the cross-hatching video I mentioned:

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