Day #048 – Drawing of a Raven

A friend of mine is obsessed with Ravens. He texts me day and night just begging me to draw them from every angle. Sometimes he wants me to draw them from impossible angles like from a satellite orbiting inside a black hole. He has never had a girlfriend but goes on Raven dating websites constantly.  I tell him: “Seek help, Ravens are not that brilliant” but day after day, he continues.

So I relented and drew this Raven. And that’s a true story.

So the good: I think I captured the beak quite well. The general ‘weight’ of the bird looks reasonable. The claws are okay.

The bad: Still not that confident with shading. Some of the edges look rushed / unprofessional.  Tail feathers start looking very meh towards the bottom right. Some parts of the branches are off.

The ugly: War. What is it good for?

[Larger View]

Pencil Drawing of a Raven

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2 Responses to “Day #048 – Drawing of a Raven”

  1. Awesome dude, the beak is really good, I can’t find the Ace of spades in there anywhere though.
    On second thoughts the black hole idea just wouldn’t work, not enough contrast in the colours. Maybe a silhouette against a supernova or something.

    • Davy says:

      Thanks man! I’m going to assume you did find it as you mentioned the suit (spades!). If you really didn’t find it then keep looking :)

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