Day #050 – Some Quick Feet Sketches + Gesture Drawings

Wow, day fifty already! I’m 1/7 of the way through the challenge and I’m excited to say that I’m still enjoying myself!

My sister is visiting for a few days and she volunteered to do some life-modeling for me with various feet poses. I spent about 4-5 minutes on each and used a black pen. I’m really starting to understand, at an intuitive level, the reasons why people suggest drawing lots of different poses and not spending too long on each. It definitely forces you into a clearer state of mind where your pen moves more freely and you’re better able to see how the curves actually are. Saying that though, feet are difficult and most of them came out either a little off or a lot off. At the same time there are definitely several parts which I’m very happy with and it’s interesting how quickly those parts were captured. I can really feel how doing stuff like this persistently will definitely lead to good progress over time. One of the things I’d like to be able to do is to draw decent sketches of people and things quickly like those artists you see in coffee shops and on the streets who create visual records of their days that are both quick and beautiful. Well practice like this, I’m sure, is the path to that end-point.

I also did close to an hour of  additional gesture drawing at Pose Maniacs, 60 seconds per pose. Again, I definitely feel like I’m making progress with these and time just flies by once you get started. It’s highly meditative and puts me in a really good mood afterwards. Strongly recommended.

Drawings of feet

Sketches of Feet

More Gesture Drawings

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  1. Jingle Bells says:

    Might I suggest

    for your gesture drawings. They are photos of actual people which I feel is better as you are drawing actual people instead of 3d models. Also there are more variety in the setup, including lying on top of things, holding objects. or even swinging from something.


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