Day #052 – How to Draw the Nose

Firstly, it’s my birthday. I’m 28 today! I think the year ahead is going to be my most exciting yet and I look forward to sharing my drawing (and life!) progress on this blog.

Today I decided to go back to the fantastic ProkoTV series on drawing the face. Last time I drew along and took notes on drawing the eyes; today I moved on to drawing the nose.

Basically I just wrote down the important notes from the lesson along with sketching photos and illustrations from the video as I went. This, hopefully, helps me to retain the information but also means I’m getting some daily drawing in for the challenge.

You can watch the video here. As usual with the ProkoTV output, it’s extremely well made and very clear. That stuff like this is available, for free, is one of the many reasons I count The Internet as the best thing ever!

[Larger View]

How to Draw the Nose Part 1

[Larger View]

How to Draw the Nose Part 2

[Larger View]

How to Draw the Nose Part 3

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