Day #053 – Portrait of My Sister

I drew a profile drawing of my sister from a photograph on day #012 but today I tried an actual life drawing while she was here visiting. After about 5 minutes she FELL ASLEEP so I had to resist the urge to draw a Hitler mustache on her face and actually carry on with the drawing. I’d done the outline of her eyes before she fell asleep but had to try to recall the details as I could no longer see them when I came back to finish that area.

I think the likeness is improved over my earlier effort. The whole picture is a bit stretched vertically but I think the proportions between elements are quite good.  I think if we cut off the chin then it’s actually quite obvious to me who it is. With the chin it’s a little off, so I’d say that’s the weakest area. I’m also not confident with the hair and I probably rushed it ab it near the end.

I could also work on creating more contrast between the whites and the darkest areas. Need to attack the shading with more confidence I think.

Drawing of my sister Fiona, drawn from life while she was visiting

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