Day #054 – Pencil Drawing of Fake Flowers

For today’s drawing I tackled the small vase and flowers that sits on the mantelpiece in my office. The flowers are fake but you wouldn’t be able to tell without looking up close. They’re green and I think I bought it ages ago after reading something about how having green colors in your environment promotes creativity. I don’t know how true that is but, today at least, it helped me towards that end.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out. In particular the bottle and mantelpiece. I like how the highlight of the bottle merges with the window. My instinct is to put a line there but by really looking I realised there was none and removing it made it look a lot more realistic. The least convincing part, as I see it, is the top part of the flowers where I think I partly rushed and partly lost track of which elements of the flower I’d done and which I hadn’t. With complex repetitive patterns I find it awkward because when I look down at my paper and look back I ‘lose my place’ if that makes sense? It’s hard to remember which exact petal I was drawing and how they relate to one another. I had the same issue when I was drawing the seeds on my strawberry a while back.

All the same I think it’s not too bad.

I also did a negative space drawing of the mantelpiece above our (also fake) fireplace. Nothing to shout about here but I thought I’d share it anyway.

A drawing of the vase and its fake flowers that sits on my mantelpiece

Negative Space Drawing of my Mantelpiece

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