Day #056 – Potted Plant Drawing

After my fake flowers on Saturday I thought I’d tackle a real plant today. I tried to work hard to get the general outlines in place before I put in the details because I think not doing that was one of my main mistakes in the previous drawing. Overall I think the proportions here are pretty accurate so I’m happy about that but I think the shading lets it down somewhat and it appears kind of flat. One of the problems I have is that some of the center buds are red and the rest were green but the tone of both are similar so when I try to add greyscale  shading they kind of merge together. I wasn’t sure if I should just draw what was in front of me as best  I can or take some artistic license to create the kind of obvious contrast you’d be able to see if it was a colour drawing. In the end I chose the former and I think the result is a sort of technically okay drawing without much character or soul.

Then again… maybe ‘soul’ is a ridiculously lofty ambition for an amateur on only day fifty-six of a drawing challenge so I’ll say that I think this was some solid practice and I’m happy with the accuracy.

Pencil Drawing of a Potted Plant


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