Day #057 – Gesture Drawings Attempt 5

It’s Tuesday and so, as is my month old tradition, I did a series of gesture drawings.

A user called Jingle Bells commented on my last entry suggesting I use the tool at Pixelovely rather than Pose Maniacs because they feed you photographs of actual people rather than 3D models.

It was definitely a slightly different experience. The photographs they feed you at that site often have the subjected interacting with some other object. Typically fabric of some kind but a few were interacting with furniture and a couple were fully clothed. I can see how this is helpful in that you’re drawing from actual life and recognizing how actual humans look. At the same time I like the way the 3D models at Pose Maniacs are all int he same size and format which means you can easily get in a very tight rhythm of drawing. On balance, however, I think this new site will aid my progress m0re so I imagine I will be using it more often from here on out.

So here are the results of my 5th session of gesture drawings. As usual I set it to 60 seconds per pose.

Session 5 in my regular gesture drawings practice

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