Day #059 – Tom Woods Drawing

Thought I’d tackle another portrait today. I was going to continue reading from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain but I’d drank too much coffee and my mind was wandering too much to concentrate. Drawing, on the other hand, focused it completely. I am coming to realize what a powerful method of meditation it can actually be!

The drawing is of the Austrian Economist and best-selling author Tom Woods. I’m a huge fan of his speeches on Youtube and if you’re at all interested in politics or economics you can’t help but find what he has to say interesting, even if you don’t always agree (full disclosure: I pretty much always do!).

I’m not very happy with the drawing. Looking at the reference we can see that I have got the general angle of the whole thingg kind of off and several parts just don’t resemble the original picture at all. I’m still having trouble with smooth shading transitions and getting a nice full range of contrast between black and white. On the positive I guess it’s recognizable as Tom Woods if you happen to be one of the 13 people in the UK who actually takes an interest in Austrian Economics!

Tom Woods Pencil Drawing

Here’s one of my favourite of his speeches:

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