Day #090 – Drawing of Sir Jimmy Savile inside an Easter Egg

It’s Easter so to celebrate I drew the popular TV personality Jimmy Savile hatching out of a chocolate egg!

Drawing of Sir Jimmy Savile emeging from an Easter Egg


Day #089 – Drawing Ears

Did these two drawings of ears from a couple of random reference images I found on Google.

I’m quite happy with them. I think the shading looks pretty neat in parts. Ears are awkward things to draw and outside of my comfort zone so I’m pleased with myself for pushing myself to spend a good hour trying to capture them in more detail than I’m used to.

It’s 1:30am and I’m going to sleep!

Ears drawn in pencil


Day #088 – Xbox Controller Drawing

Today’s object, my Xbox controller, was probably the most difficult object I’ve attempted to copy since I began this challenge.

Looking at it on my table I did not anticipate just how awkward it would be to capture. All the unusual curves were messing with my brain and I was constantly having to rub areas out and start over as my “left-brain” insisted on thinking it knew better than my own eyes as to how things should be drawn. The D-Pad in particular proved especially elusive. Each time I would lay down the marks and each time it would lose all foreshortening and instead appear like a child’s guess at what a D-pad should look like.

Even with lots of erasing and redrawing and re-redrawing I’m not at all happy with the finished result. It’s really not an accurate reflection of the object. If I had to look for something to commend it as a ‘nice try’ I guess I’d say the shading is, in some areas, okay. That’s it.

I will commend myself on trying though because after the first 15 minutes I was getting really annoyed. I ended up sticking at it for the full hour and finishing something even if that something wasn’t much.

Drawing of my Xbox controller



Day #087 – Suli Breaks Drawing

Discovered this video by a spoken word artist called Suli Breaks which resonated with me. As this blog is very much in the spirit of autodidacticism versus mainstream schooling I thought he would make a good subject for today’s drawing.

I’m happy with some of the shading and I think I’ve captured the mouth and ears quite well. The bads are numerous: perhaps most notable is the left side of the forehead which slants in very incorrectly from the reference. The nose is also notably wrong.

I’d be surprised if friends of Suli would recognize him from this drawing.

Make sure to check out his video below the drawing and subscribe to his channel if it’s up your street.

Drawing of spoken word artist Suli Breaks


Day #086 – Gesture Drawing Mondays!

I didn’t do gesture drawings last Monday but today I reignited the tradition.

Five pages. About half an hour or so of work. 60 seconds per pose. Done using the great free resource at pose maniacs.

Not much to add except that I always find this exercise very helpful in getting ‘out of my head’. Recommended for anybody who is trying to learn to draw more freely.

How to do gesture drawings