Day #060 – Practicing Drawing Noses

So we’ve arrived at March and so far, so good. I’ve drawn something on 60 consecutive days and I’m pretty pleased with that accomplishment. To be honest, although I have never made such a large commitment as the one I’ve made with this blog (to draw every day for a year), I’ve also never committed to doing a new habit like this for 2 months either and so just reaching this point gives me a very nice feeling of accomplishment and some belief that I can keep going for the full 365 days. I have big things happening to my life in March and I know for a fact I’m going to have a lot less free-time. Keeping this going every day up until this point will have been a cake-walk compared to the days going forward. With all that said, I’m not preparing excuses to fail. I fully intend to make this happen and keep pushing through. I will draw in the middle of the night if I have to.

Today I decided to practice some noses as when I try to copy faces I find this is probably the area I most consistently have trouble with. I just typed celebrity names that popped into my head into Google Images and picked photos which had at least some contrast to them and went to work.

I have this set of pencils my girlfriend bought for me that run the gamut of weights from 2H to 8B. I don’t really know anything about pencil weights except that they are darker and softer as they move towards the higher B numbers (I think?!)… often when I draw I pick out random pencils because I’m not sure which one is even my favorite. I know that 2B is often considered a good one that artists use and so that’s probably the one I pick the most but other times I try out harder and softer ones and I’m never really sure which I prefer and often I forget even which one I have used. In other words, I have not been systematic. I’ve been acting rather unconsciously in this area. So with my noses I decided to do each one with a different pencil and note what I used so I could compare between. One thing that is now quite obvious to me is that the harder pencils make it almost impossible (for me) to shade smoothly. I’ll end up accidentally making too hard a line and it looks scratchy. This is pretty intuitively obvious but I think I actually “get it” now. Yeah, I’m slow sometimes.

Anyway, enough babble: I’m pretty happy with a few of these. Others are off. Overall I’m quite happy with it as a page of work. Probably spent about 90 minutes or so on these.

Practicing drawing the nose

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