Day #064 – Gesture Drawings Session 6 and Figure Drawing Practice

It’s Gesture Drawing Mondays™ and today I did something a bit different. I chose the “class mode” session at pixelovely. You can choose how long you want your “classroom” session to be and then they feed you various figures to copy beginning with quick gesture drawings and moving on to longer amounts of time to work with. I chose the 1 hour session which breaks down thus:

10 poses: 30 seconds
4 poses: 1 minute
2 poses: 5 minutes
1 pose: 11 minutes
10 minute break
1 pose: 30 minutes

This is a really nice way to get some solid drawing in and I think I’m going to do it more often because it does feel like when I do sessions like this I’m making the most progress the most quickly. It’s the moving from one drawing to the next quickly that’s the key I think. Not only does it prevent you spending too much time on minor details that might be out of proportion anyway but the time limit also loosens me up and not overthink what I’m doing. You can get into a meditative flow-state where even if the drawings aren’t amazing it’s highly enjoyable.

Anyway, here is the hour’s output:

30 second and 1 minute gesture drawings:

The sixth session of gesture drawings

5 minute Figure drawings:

5 minute figure drawings
11 Minute Figure Drawing

11 minute figure drawings
30 Minute Figure Drawing:

30 minute figure drawing

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