Day #066 – Bedroom Interior Line Drawing

I was feeling a bit ill today and not wanting to leave the bed. The logical drawing choice then was to stay in bed and draw what was right in front of me. I ended up making this a line drawing and removing a lot of details from the scene as it was taking me a long time. For example, the chest of draws on the right has a lot of stuff on top of it. Here, though, I’ve simplified the drawing by removing all of that. I quite like the end result as it’s mostly straight lines which is a bit different from what I’ve done before on the blog.

Near the end I had a bit of an ‘Aha’ moment when it comes to perspective.  I realized that the point where the lines that are sloping upwards and downwards converge is at eye-level. This is, I imagine, extremely obvious to artists everywhere but it isn’t something that I’d really thought about consciously before. By realizing this I kind of “get” the idea that the horizon disappears at eye-level better now and I can understand more why the lines that meet in the top corner of a room come it at counter-intuitive angles. I get that if two flat objects lay below eye-level (a chair and a table, for instance) that the higher object should bend less towards the horizon than the lower one. Hope that explanation makes sense. I’m not sure what the term I’m looking for is… “bend” isn’t the right word at all.

Areas where I went off a bit include the fireplace below the monkey (who doesn’t love a monkey?). My seeing started rushing and the middle part of it ended up looking quite different from the actual thing. Aside from that I’m quite happy with the proportions of everything. This sort of stuff is outside of my comfort zone and I haven’t practiced it much so quite pleased overall.

A pencil drawing of my Bedroom Interior

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