Day #069 – Windowsill Drawing + More

Did a few drawings this morning downstairs. I did a few quick sketches of objects on the dining room table, I did some very quick 5 minute drawings of my girlfriend as she was marking from different angles and I did a slightly more complete drawing of the windowsill and plant pots in the same room.

The figure drawings are okay I guess. I didn’t spend long on them at all (as you can tell). I was almost trying to treat them as gesture drawings. Getting the essence of the position more than the details. I think I succeeded in parts but mostly they are a bit all over the shop.

The table objects I’m happy with. Again I didn’t spend too long on these but I actually think several of them have come out quite nicely. The box with papers in is a very close likeness to the actual object. I feel like I’m getting more confident in quickly getting the essence of something and not worrying too much about details until I have that essence in place.

Finally, the windowsill drawing I’m fairly pleased with. Again, I think it’s quite accurate to how it actually looks and my vigilance in keeping a close eye on perspective changes is improving. For example, the fact that my eye-level was between the bottom and top of the pots meant the top curves upwards slightly and bottom curves down slightly. This is counter-intuitive to how you usually imagine a pot or a container to look so the fact I noticed these things means I’m getting better at seeing and not guessing. Sometimes I still find it hard though. Especially when I was drawing the petals. You have to keep extremely patient and check hard how each one actually falls because the temptation to draw them how you imagine they should look (to save time) is very strong!

Pencil Drawing of plants on our Windowsill

Drawings of my Girlfriend Marking scripts

Pencil Drawings of Vase and other objects

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