Day #070 – Folded Towel Drawing

I’ve heard that folded and draped fabrics are a classic object to practice on because of the flowing lines and interesting cast shadows and how each time you place it you’ll get a brand new set of interesting shapes to draw. With that in mind I thought I’d tackle something I’m scared of and draw a folded tea-towel. I think it came out surprisingly well in the end. Until I added the towel ‘texture’ it was looking pretty meh but by going the extra mile and actually attempting what I was afraid of (drawing the bitty texture) I saw a real improvement in the final product. Shading gradations aren’t as smooth as I’d like in parts and if you saw the original still-life there would probably be parts where my drawing isn’t too accurate a replica… unlike some objects, however, it’s harder for it to look ‘wrong’ and I guess the artist can go off a bit in certain directions without anybody knowing.

Drawing of a folded tea-towel

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