Day #072 – Church Drawing

I recently asked on Reddit for some feedback on ways I could improve on my current progress and one suggestion was to practice copying objects by using construction lines and ‘blocking them in’ as described in this Ctrl+Paint video. I tried today doing this today on a couple of objects. First a guitar and then a photo of a church. In both I found it very hard to get the initial ‘blocking in’ accurate. In fact in neither case was I even close. With the guitar I ended up forcing it a bit and as a result it looks off. With the church though I started erasing lines once I realized my mistakes and using the starting lines as just a very loose guide. With this second drawing I realized better the value in this practice: by starting out by blocking the basic shapes the perspective more naturally falls into place. In the end  I’m quite happy with how my church drawing turned out, but not happy at all with my guitar. Overall, it was a useful exercise and I’ll be doing more of it in the forthcoming days.

Pencil Drawing of a Church

Pencil Drawing of a Guitar

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