Day #077 – Drawing of a Capuchin Monkey

Another day, another really unimpressive drawing. The problem today, I think, was not being fully concentrated on what I was doing. Rather rushing to get something finished as we have family staying and I feel a bit rude disappearing for prolonged periods of time.

I experimented with an idea I saw on Ctrl+Paint which suggested using a blue-pencil to get your loose outline of your object and then switch to your HB (or whatever) dark pencil when you’re ready to put your exact lines down. It’s interesting but I found, this time at least, that the blue-pencil substantially shows through on the final piece. One of the benefits, apparently, to doing this, though, is that you can use photoshop or a Xerox machine to easily remove the blue leaving only your finished lines whereas if you do your rough outline with only a lighter stroke it’s harder to edit it out afterwards.

Here’s the rushed little monkey!

Pencil Drawing of a Capuchin Monkey

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