Day #078 – Drawing my Shelves (Part 1)

Today I took on a pretty difficult drawing and because of that I’ve only managed to get half way through after about 90 minutes of drawing so I’m stopping for now and will finish tomorrow.

I’m drawing  the shelves in my office and everything they contain. There’s a lot of stuff to capture so for me to do it without rushing is taking a long time. My format at this scale is going to fit about 9 of these compartments and so far I’ve drawn 4 so on pace to finish tomorrow.

Here it’s the bottom left compartment which proved the most difficult. I had some complicated fabric bag and even more complicated plastic bag full of polystyrene pieces. Both are highly out of my comfort zone to copy and really was lost at how to get anything to look good. The problem is that the folds are distinguishable to the eye because of lots of variations in shade which are super hard to pick up when at such a small scale. In the end I just pecked at it and it looks okay but not really like the object I’m copying.

Pencil Drawing of my Shelves Part 1

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