Day #088 – Xbox Controller Drawing

Today’s object, my Xbox controller, was probably the most difficult object I’ve attempted to copy since I began this challenge.

Looking at it on my table I did not anticipate just how awkward it would be to capture. All the unusual curves were messing with my brain and I was constantly having to rub areas out and start over as my “left-brain” insisted on thinking it knew better than my own eyes as to how things should be drawn. The D-Pad in particular proved especially elusive. Each time I would lay down the marks and each time it would lose all foreshortening and instead appear like a child’s guess at what a D-pad should look like.

Even with lots of erasing and redrawing and re-redrawing I’m not at all happy with the finished result. It’s really not an accurate reflection of the object. If I had to look for something to commend it as a ‘nice try’ I guess I’d say the shading is, in some areas, okay. That’s it.

I will commend myself on trying though because after the first 15 minutes I was getting really annoyed. I ended up sticking at it for the full hour and finishing something even if that something wasn’t much.

Drawing of my Xbox controller


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