Day #120 – Drawing Tiseye and her Mother

Quick drawing of Reddit user Tiseye and her mother from an old photograph she submitted.

Done with ink straight onto paper so no chance to erase any lines. Also done pretty quickly so overall I think the result is passable as a nothing-to-write-home-about graphic.

Drawing of mother and child


Day #119 – Don Draper Drawing

I love that Mad Men is back on our screens and to celebrate my continued enjoyment of the new series today’s drawing is Don Draper and his sidekick Mr. Cigarette. I’m fairly pleased with this. I like the hair because it’s an area I usually struggle with but I think I got it close-ish this time. I also like the nose, another area I’m typically lacking confidence. On the other side of the coin I think the fingers are pretty crappy and I could definitely have spent more time on the lips… they’re slightly off and it’s probably what stops the drawing being a definite likeness.

Drawing of Don Draper of Mad Men


Day #118 – Drawing Maia Asleep

Found time today to do another drawing of my little baby munchkin Maia. It was drawn from a photograph I took first rather than directly from life. She’s far too unpredictable to stay still, I feel, for any kind of long drawing. In the near future though I hope to do more quick 5 minute life sketches of her. She’s pretty much taking up most of our time so it makes sense to use her as practice fodder. Sorry Maia!

So I did this drawing from a reference photo I printed out while we looked after her in front of the TV. I’m actually pretty happy with this drawing. I think I’ve captured her likeness pretty accurately. The hair, mouth, chin are definitely pretty close. I’m also more pleased than usual with my shading which I kept fairly consistent and didn’t rush like I often do. The weakest part is probably the  consistency of the shading. That is to say I still have trouble in getting the tone value exactly how I want it. Very easy to add either too much or too little which means overall the light looks a little inconsistent. All things considered though, I’m pretty happy with today’s output.
Drawing of my daughter Maia sleeping


Day #117 – Drawing CJBoone’s Daughter

Did this drawing for Reddit user cjboone of his daughter.

Drawing of Reddit user cjboone's daughter


Day #116 – Drawing More Hands… some more

4 more hand drawings from the usual reference page. I wanted to fill the page in my sketchbook before moving on but that’s done now so tomorrow I’ll probably try something different. I do think this has been a useful exercise.

Four more drawings of hand positions